Silvertip Christmas Trees
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The greenery will fill your home with lovely fir forest scent of Christmas.


Shaped with sturdy, layered branches for many ornaments. The needles have a green/blueish-tint with silver tips.

Long Lasting

Our Silvertips are grown at 8000 elevation which makes them very hardy and they maintain their moister for a longer holiday season.

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A Silvertip is a young California Red fir, its botanical name is (Abies Magnifica.) The term "Silvertip" was mentioned in a literature written by John Muir, well known naturalist, in his observation of the distinct silvertips on the new growth, their layered wholes of limbs of green, blue color and symmetrical growth. Our silvertips grow naturally on our tree farm at 8000 ft. elevation (near Yosemite National Park). Silvertips are a true high elevation fir. We do not use cloned trees so every tree is unique. Silvertips are slower growing than most other species used as Christmas trees. The Silvertips slow growth makes them a rare Christmas tree and not commonly found like the Douglas Fir. There are a number of reasons why the Silvertip Christmas tree is more special than any other Christmas tree. Maybe it's because of family tradition, the silvery tips, the rarity of the tree or maybe it's the overall experience that these beautiful trees bring to your home. Silvertip Christmas trees have been a traditional favorite, with there long lasting value, and sturdy limbs to hold your precious ornaments.

Q: When do you begin shipping?

A: We will start shipping trees November 19. 

Q: When will my tree ship when I make an order?

A: During the checkout process, you have the option to select the week when you would like your tree to arrive. Your tree will be shipped according to the selection you make.

Q: How long is the transit time?

A: Depends on your location from our tree lot. If you order on a Tuesday and are from New York, the transit time is 5 business days, your tree would arrive that following Monday. View the shipping chart below to estimate your order transit time. Keep in mind these times are estimates and orders are always subject to delays by the shipping carrier.

Q: Can I get my tree before Thanksgiving?

A: Of course. Be sure to order before November 19 and select the delivery week Thanksgiving falls on.

Q: My transit time is more than 3 days, will my tree arrive fresh?

A: Silvertips by nature are long lasting. But to make sure your tree arrives as fresh as possible, we have it in a well shaded area and keep it watered till it goes into the box.

Q: Which shipping carrier do you use?

A: Currently we use UPS.

Q: Where are you shipping from?

A: We ship from our lot in North Fork CA. Our packages originate in Fresno California for tracking purposes.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping cost varies depending on your location. You can use our calculator to estimate the shipping cost for any item.
Excellent. I have not had such a beautiful Christmas tree since I lived in California. It arrived within 7 days in excellent condition.
- Margarete T.

The tree arrived very fresh. The tree is as close to perfect as you can expect anything in nature. They included (at my request) some extra branches to fill in any holes - they're none to fill. Excellent and worth the rather high price.
- Hank S.

Loving our Red Fir Christmas tree from Silvertip Tree Farm. Sue sure did a great job decorating it! After years dreaming of living here in the Sierra, and of a tree like this, we are finally enjoying our first Christmas in our new home.
- Jim G.

O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches... except for the ones at the very bottom that have no ornaments because of the two children that would very much like to know exactly what they taste like...
- Michelle B.